On-Demand Webinars

Simplifying Complex FLSA Regulations using an Enterprise Workforce Management Solution

Presented by Roger Crawford, Solution Delivery Manager
Scott Frizzel, Solution Consultant

Recently we hosted “The Fair Labor Standards Act, Pay Rules and Workforce Management Best Practices” where our resident labor law expert and attorney-at-law discussed the complexities of many pay-related policies in today’s workplace. This was an extremely well-attended session with a lively Q&A session, so you won’t want to miss our next FLSA-focused webinar where you’ll learn how WorkForce Software’s EmpCenter solution can help you automate and effectively manage complex pay rules and regulations like those within the FLSA.

This webinar will be a combination of pay rule overviews and live demonstration that illustrates EmpCenter’s unique and comprehensive approach.

Join this informative one-hour session to learn how:

  • Today’s work practices create new and challenging compliance risks with the FLSAAutomating 100% of your pay rules and regulations—including the FLSA—delivers superior time and cost savings over a piecemeal approach
  • Using a flexible workforce management solution allows your organization to nimbly respond to changing regulations—“future-proofing” your investment