WorkForce Software White Papers

Four Critical Workforce Challenges for 2012

(And How to Translate Them into Opportunities)

“Complexity” is a central theme for today’s HR and payroll professionals. As they navigate an environment characterized by changing leave regulations, increased compliance scrutiny and the pressure to do more with fewer resources, getting the labor management side of the business right requires a distinctive blend of technology and strategy. WorkForce Software conducts an annual workforce trend survey, which tracks the views of HR professionals on a range of business issues. These responses, from more than 800 HR practitioners, identify key obstacles and opportunities for organizations across emerging areas of concern: absence and leave management, basic workforce management data, the impact of the economy and employee fatigue.

One consistent message is that HR feels greater pressure and scrutiny on compliance with government regulations and corporate policies, requiring an increased focus on best practices and using technology to improve and inform practices. This paper explores this and other top concerns surfaced by the survey results, and draws from additional sources to highlight opportunities for using strategic workforce management to address today’s most pressing challenges.